Down Memory Lane 1906 to 2007

1906: Laying of foundation stone for the church

1907 Aug: 4th : Blessing of the church by Vicar General Galle at the request of Rev. Fr. Adolphus Closset

1908 Nov : Rising seas and mini tidal waves lash the beach road destroying the parapet wall of the church.

1909 :A small building erected to house orphaned children within the church premises.

1911: Two alters constructed on either side within the main church. One dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in memory of Rev, Fr, Van.. Antiverpen and the other dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary housing the Miraculous Statue of Our Lady.

1911 June 2nd The statue of Our Lady of Matara sent by Rev Fr. Bernard (S.J)for restoration to P . Hent < Pius of Belgium Rt. Rev. Dr.Joseoh Van Reeth Bishop of Galle, for restoration to M. Zeus of Ghent, Belgium Fr. L Beernaert S.J.


1907 - 2007 Centenary year


In gratitude to our heavenly mother for interceding for the needs of Her children Hail Mary star of the ocean we are ever thankful to you for interceding for the needs of your children. You are the power house of our life. protect us, our families and those near and dear to us . Pray for peace on earth..



Special events incorporated in the 2006 – 2007

Special Events incorporated in the Centenary Jubilee Celebrations 2006 – 2007


1. The annual Holy Childhood rally of the Galle Diocese held on July 22 nd ,2006 in association with the Centenary Jubilee Celebrations of St. Mary's Church Matara.


2. Declaration of the Centenary Jubilee Celebrations by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Harold Anthony Perera Bishop of Galle on the 10 th day of September, 2006.